What We Did On 29.01.20

Great rehearsal, thanks everyone. We covered the work listed for last week. There is a very good choral sound developing with matching vowel sounds. The warm ups are helping to create this, so use them when practising (if you can remember them!).

We briefly discussed the importance of pencil use and shared different ways people notate reminders to themselves. It’s essential that requests from the conductor (such as breath marks) are noted, but don’t overdo them and keep the marks light (2B is ideal) as it makes erasing before returning the scores a lot easier!

What we will do on 05.02.20

Cum sancto – starting with pages 90-93 then the whole movement.

Credo p106 (recap)

Agnus dei p196 (NEW)

Kyrie focusing on the Christe (p9/10)