The Society’s Committee exists to allow the Society to undertake its purpose effectively, by ensuring the smooth running of the Society’s rehearsals, concerts, finances and administration. Volunteers to assist with this work are always welcome – if you would like to help, please speak to any Committee member.

The full current committee line-up is as follows (click on the roles to go to a PDF document containing a summary of the job specification):

Chair – Eric Clubley (
Secretary – Jacquie Rowlands
Treasurer – Nick Watkins
Membership – Mark Walters
Librarians – Susannah Howe & Christophe Forbes
Online Publicity – Nicky Smith & Jacquie Rowlands
Venue Management – Keith Ravenhill
Posters/Ticket Production – Brian Leach
Ticket Adminvacant

The Committee reports formally to the Society members once a year at the Annual General Meeting. The AGM is usually held in the latter half of a rehearsal towards the end of October/November.