Conductor’s Notes

What we did on 22.09.21

We welcomed Terry to accompany. Busy rehearsal and some confusion with numbers – for which, apologies. Talking of numbers, whilst I think of it – quiz question: What is unique about the number 40? Answer next week.

I recommended online learning tools: and a free one –  Cyberbass doesn’t  have any CD learning tracks available, but THEY DO have online tracks. These are very useful for helping to learn notes.

We covered the following music:

Movement 7 p56-65

The opening movement p2-4

Movement 8 p66-68

Messiah – Hallelujah chorus

I gave out some small booklets which are pages 39-46 (of movt 5) written out in open score to make the notes easier to read, with more space. This is to be inserted after p38 and secured with an elastic band. The last page of the booklet must be secured with a paperclip to pages 39-46. There will be a demonstration next week!

I also recommended a website to investigate some very good online training sessions to help support breathing and exploring vocal issues, particularly for older voices. The founder/teacher Anne- Marie Speed is excellent and I picked up a lot of practical tips from her at a conference. See

What we will do on 29.09.21

Movement 5 (using inserted pages so come prepared)

Movement 4 in sectionals. S/A please note that you sing all of the S/A music, there is no ‘gallery semi chorus’, you are it! Please look through the movement in advance to be sure when you sing. On page 28 (bottom line) you divide as follows: All sops take the top line and altos divide (tails down) and I’ll confirm with you who does what next week.

Pages 8-9and revisit p2-4

Messiah – Worthy is the Lamb

Enjoy (or ‘hope you did enjoy’) your weekend. Thank you.