Shauni Sing Day

Hi everyone, just a quick post to mention a few things. Won’t take long!

Sing Day Update

We’ve had some great fun rehearsals bashing through the Mozart Requiem in preparation for Sunday, and it’s sounding great! A huge thank you to Janet Lincé for taking the first rehearsal and doing a whistle-stop tour of the whole thing! I’ve then been dissecting each movement, and we’ve really got it in a good place so there’s a core of people who’ll be really confident on Sunday. We also took a look at the booklet, which will be explained by Peter on Sunday.

It’s not too late to get your ticket to sing or watch in the evening, and with a HUGE(!) choir plus a great orchestra of professional musicians, and stellar soloists, it’s certainly not one to miss.
Get your tickets HERE!

Rehearsal Tracks For the Mozart

Brian has very kindly shared some rehearsal files with me, if you’re interested in looking over them before the day.
You can find them HERE.


Two concerts to share with you, and both are TONIGHT!

Firstly, the Cherwell Choral Society have their concert ‘Americana‘. Secondly, the Banbury Symphony Orchestra have their programme ‘Cornucopia‘ (which features lots of amazing music for the french horn!

Both sound like they’ll be amazing, so it’s worth choosing one to go to if you can make it!

Hope to see you all on Sunday!