Conductor’s Notes – Wednesday 14th June

Hello friends, what a great rehearsal last night. Thank you for all of your hard work this term, the Summer always feels like a whistle-stop tour, but we’ve made some excellent progress. Please make sure you put in a few extra minutes before now and Friday, and of course the concert! On Friday we’ll be looking at the remaining pieces we didn’t get to in the Wednesday rehearsal, but also making sure everything is nicely prepared for the concert, including getting used to the space.

What we did on Wednesday 14th June

We practiced the pieces that join each section, often running them. These were:
Cantique de Jean Racine
Locus Iste
If ye love me
Farewell dear Love
It was a Lover
Drop, Drop slow tears
Ave Verum
As Torrents
The Lily and the Rose
Danny Boy
Sumer is icumen in
We also looked at Greensleeves.

What we will do on Friday 16th June

We’ll look at the remaining works, so please come with those prepared. These are:
Locus Iste
To Music
Sing we and Chant It
Fine Knacks for Ladies
The Silver Swan
The Long day closes
Scarborough Fair
Now is the Month of Maying

If we have time, we’ll look at any other ‘troublesome’ pieces.

Learning Resources

Many of you said how useful the latest tracks were, so I’ve now (rather hurriedly) written out tracks for most of the remaining pieces. You can access the folder HERE.

Please do use them over the next couple of days if you need to touch up the odd note... no excuse for the concert, now!

Everything is available individually too (Fine Knacks has now been sorted):

Fauré – Cantique de Jean Racine
Bruckner – Locus Iste
Schubert – To Music
Tallis – If ye love me
Jones – Farewell, Dear Love
Morley – Sing we and chant it
Dowland – Fine knacks for ladies
Morley – It was a Lover and his Lass
Gibbons – Drop, drop slow tears
Gibbons – The Silver Swan
Mozart – Ave Verum
Elgar – As Torrents in Summer
Sullivan – The Long Day Closes
Chilcott – The Lily and the Rose (paid subscription only, sorry!)
Vaughan Williams – Greensleeves
Higgins – Scarborough Fair
Chilcott – O Danny Boy
Henry VIII – Pastime
Isaac – Innsbruck
Morley – Now is the Month of Maying
Bullard – Sumer is icumen in

Recommended Recordings

The whole playlist is HERE.

Friday rehearsal

A reminder that there’s the pre-concert rehearsal on Friday evening, 19:30-21:30 in St Mary’s Church, Chipping Norton. Please arrive at 19:10 if possible so we can get seats out and sorted.

Concert Day

And, a reminder about concert day:

13:45 arrive and get seated.
14:00 rehearsal starts, and we’ll top-and-tail the pieces.
17:00 rehearsal ends.
18:00 we’ll begin picnicking in the church grounds.
19:20 changed and ready for a gentle warm up in the church rooms opposite the church.
19:30 concert begins.

The dress is normal concert dress, so either Dinner Jackets (black jacket, white shirt, black bowtie, black trousers, black socks and black shoes), or All Black.

Future Events

One other event coming up – Three Acres and A Cow. Do go and support, and check out the event HERE.

This Week’s listening

Concert in 3 days... make sure you’re happy with the notes!

See you on Friday 16th.