Conductor’s Notes: Pre-Concert Post

How exciting, the concert is less than a week away! I’m really looking forward to Saturday’s concert, and I’m so pleased with the amount of work you’ve all put in this term.

Below are all of the final details for the concert, so please read carefully. I’ll post one more ‘Conductor’s Note’ on Friday giving a detailed rehearsal schedule for both Friday and Saturday... stay tuned.

What we did on 01.06.22

It was great to have an old friend of the Choir Chris Brown join us this week, and he led some fabulous work in the sectionals, as I heard glowing reports from the Tenors and Basses.

Well done all on the hard work in the sectionals. I feel like the Zadok and I Was Glad are in a much better, more stable place now, especially all of the fiddly bits. If you’re still unsure of any of the bits in those, please do take a moment to look through it.

What we will do on 08.06.22

Final touches now. I’m trusting you all for some hard work on Wednesday, that way Friday and Saturday can be a lot more relaxed and chilled.

19:30 – Warm up.
19:40 – Jerusalem.
20:00 – Thou wilt keep him.
20:25 – Break.
20:35 – National Anthem.
20:45 – Te Deum.
21:20 – Auld Lang Syne. – I’m hoping Eric may be able to give us some authentic pronunciation tips...

Spotify Link

The Spotify playlist for the term is HERE. Still time to have a listen.

Marked Scores

I trust you all have the markings in by now... Thank you!

Concert Details

Time and Location
The concert is at St Mary’s Church, Chipping Norton on Saturday 11th June, starting at 19:30.
– Friday 10th rehearsal is 19:30-21:30.
– Saturday 11th rehearsal is 15:00 – 18:30, though this will be very flexible as there’s a wedding in the church prior to the rehearsal, and we may finish sooner to give a bigger break for the picnic.

The audience will be invited to join us at 18:30 for a picnic outside the church before the concert, with refreshments being served then (and in the interval, of course).

All black, either a long-sleeved shirt, dress or blouse, skirt or trousers (i.e. usual concert dress), but with a splash of colour.
Or: DJs – White shirt, dinner jacket and black trousers, also with a splash of colour (coloured cummerbund, waistcoat or bow-tie).

Any questions, please do get in touch.

Concert Publicity

The poster is below, so share it far and wide! According to the website, we’ve only sold 67 tickets... Let’s sell some more!!

Check out the Facebook page, and the event for our concert, which you can access HERE.
I’m so grateful for all the work our team does towards advertising our concerts, but it also takes all of you – selling tickets to friends, loved ones, and even strangers on the street – to pack the venues. Let’s all push to sell as many tickets as we can!

Thanks for reading, see you all on Wednesday!
– Ben