Conductor’s Notes: Final Concert Post

Just a couple more sleeps away. I’m so pleased with how this term has gone. It’s been so different to the long Spring term, but everyone has really stepped up to the plate and I’ve been so impressed at the rate of progress in such a short space of time. What it tells me is there’s going to be a really good Autumn term too!

This is the final post I’m doing before the concert, so it’ll contain details for both the Friday rehearsal, and the Saturday rehearsal and concert. It’s going to be such a good day, so thank you for your time and energy this term.

What we did on 08.06.22

A great rehearsal, with lots of good final touches done on Jerusalem, the National Anthem, and Auld Lang Ssssssyne (haha!), as well as a thorough reminder of Thou Wilt Keep Him, and a touch-up of the Te Deum. As it’s our longest (and hardest?) piece, we won’t have time to do all of it on Friday, so please make sure you’re happy with it all before coming to Saturday, especially if you’ve missed a couple of rehearsals. I trust you all to be in tip-top shape for Saturday.

What we will do on Friday 10.06.22

This will be a relaxed rehearsal, just going through a few things in the venue. Although we won’t have been able to put the staging up yet due to the wedding on Saturday morning, we will be doing a touch of rehearsing in the right space, and mostly in the pews.

19:30 – Warm up.
19:40 – Thou Wilt Keep Him.
20:00 – Jubilate.
20:25 – Break.
20:40 – National Anthem.
20:55 – I Was Glad.

Saturday 11th June Rehearsal

Again, nice and relaxed, with a couple of breaks, especially so we can enjoy listening to the brass quintet rehearse. Unfortunately though, we do need to run everything, in the same way we did for the Spring concert, so we can hear it all in the venue and with the right instruments. But, please note that these timings are very flexible, so sing well and we won’t have to rehearse for as long, haha!

15:00 – Warm Up.
15:10 – Thou Wilt Keep Him.
15:20 – Zadok the Priest.
15:30 – Brass arrive.
15:35 – Blaenwern.
15:45 – Old Hundredth.
16:00 – Auld Lang Syne.
16:10 – Choir break, Brass rehearse Londonderry Air.
16:30 – National Anthem.
16:45 – I Was Glad.
17:00 – Jerusalem.
17:10 – Brass leave, Choir rehearses Jubilate.
17:25 – Break.
17:40 – Te Deum.
18:00 – The Lord Bless You and Keep You.
18:10 – Final touch-ups on any pieces.
18:30 – Absolute latest rehearsal finish.

Spotify Link

The Spotify playlist for the term is HERE. Final chance to listen!

Marked Scores

If you don’t have the markings in by now I think I might cry...

Concert Details

Time and Location
The concert is at St Mary’s Church, Chipping Norton on Saturday 11th June, starting at 19:30.
– Friday 10th rehearsal is 19:30-21:30.
– Saturday 11th rehearsal is 15:00 – 18:30, though this will be very flexible as there’s a wedding in the church prior to the rehearsal, and we may finish sooner to give a bigger break for the picnic.

The audience will be invited to join us at 18:30 for a picnic outside the church before the concert, with refreshments being served then (and in the interval, of course).

All black, either a long-sleeved shirt, dress or blouse, skirt or trousers (i.e. usual concert dress), but with a splash of colour.
Or: DJs – White shirt, dinner jacket and black trousers, also with a splash of colour (coloured cummerbund, waistcoat or bow-tie).

Any questions, please do get in touch.

Concert Publicity

At the time of writing, we’ve sold 94 tickets according to the website, so well done... but let’s pack out the church, you deserve it!

Check out the Facebook page, and the event for our concert, which you can access HERE.
I’m so grateful for all the work our team does towards advertising our concerts, but it also takes all of you – selling tickets to friends, loved ones, and even strangers on the street – to pack the venues. Let’s all push to sell as many tickets as we can!

Thanks for reading, see you all on Friday!
– Ben