Conductor’s Notes

We warmly greeted the news that Ben Goodall has been appointed as the new conductor from January. I have written to Ben with congratulations and good wishes. I know you have appointed the best person for the job and I am delighted to hand over the baton to a fine musician who is keen to take you to higher and better things. Ben replied: I’m really excited to be taking over, and I’m so grateful for all of the support…. I’ll absolutely do my best to continue the amazing work you’ve done with the choir.

Let’s make sure we do some amazing work over the next few weeks to produce a good concert in December! Last week’s rehearsal was excellent and very encouraging, thank you.

What we will do on 17.11.21

Rehearsal at the school 6.30

After warming up – Britten sectionals:

Sopranos & Altos: 

Movt 2, movt 7 (p57) and movt 8 (p68)

Tenors & Basses:

Movt 1 (checking how secure the harmony is),

Movt 4 (particularly the harmony section on p29)

Movt 8 (p69 to end)

We will run movement 8. At the bottom of page 72 (Let the legends…) it divides into 6 parts and taken in the following order: Sops, A1, A2, Tenors, B1, B2

Movt 5

Messiah: Surely (p98)

What we will do on 24.11.21

Rehearsal at St Mary’s Church 7.30 – 9.30

Britten: Movements 5, 9 (p76) and the Hymns (p46 & p86)

Messiah: For unto us (p55) and He trusted (p115)

Annual General Meeting at 9.00

Have a good week