Conductor’s Notes

What an interesting couple of weeks since my last posting! Thank you all very much for the audition sessions which were extremely successful. It was interesting to work with different colleagues who wish to become your new conductor, and I would like to pass on your congratulations to them all for their commitment and helping us with our rehearsal. I am looking forward to your responses, finishing the selection process and making an announcement as soon as we can. In the meantime, it’s business as usual folks.......

We have two more rehearsals in the school hall before more venue changes, so let’s use them as an opportunity to get the Britten ‘under our belts’. I am pleased with progress so far. I have oft stated, that although there aren’t many notes in the piece, they do contain surprises and take a while to become really familiar.  You’re doing well, thank you. Please practise as much as you can and miss no more rehearsals without just cause or impediment.

What we will do on 03.11.21


Pages 68-73  from fig 51  Let the legends

Pages 76-85  Nunc dimittis

Movement 5 – Pickled boys (recap and run through)

Messiah – Glory to God (p68)

What we will do on 10.11.21


Movement 4 (p20-30) – Journey to Palestine  

Movement 1 – Introduction

Messiah – For unto us (p55)

Best wishes to you all.