Conductor’s Notes

Congratulations to everyone who sang carols in town last Thursday and thank you. Councillor Rizvana Poole said It was such a moving experience and loved by all who attended.’ It is important (and fun!) to support town and community events like this and good of you to put in the time.

And by the way – if you forget your mask when shopping, just sing. Masks are not required when singing. Hurrah.

What we did on 08.12.21

Back in St Mary’s we had to adjust to more changes in seating and acoustics. We are learning to be flexible! Substantial progress on Britten no. 4 (Journey to Palestine), we have nearly nailed it, but it did take up a lot of time, increasing the pressure on the rest. We sang through no.8 (His piety) which was pretty good and held its tuning – fab! This just needs more expression now. The three Messiah choruses were fine – well done. We can ‘relax’ into those on the night.

What we will do on 15.12.21

Britten: Nos 5, 7, middle section of 8 and 9

Messiah: Surely (98) NB ALERT – at the end of page 101, go straight to page 113, fig G (and the Lord…) to finish. Paper clip these pages together for easy turning. He trusted in God (115) .

We won’t sing the three carols until Friday. PLEASE know these, they are so simple…..

What we will do on Friday 17.12.21

The carols and the Britten, no Messiah, and we will be in positions on stage.

The programme running order and timetable for Saturday 18th can be found in the Conductor’s Additional Notes of November 29.

I am really looking forward to seeing many of you on Sunday for our ‘gathering’. What’s YOUR definition of a ‘PARTY’?!! Whatever it is, let’s have one.