Rehearsals and Scores


Rehearsals are from 7.30 – 9.30 pm each Wednesday, usually in the Music Room in Chipping Norton School on Burford Road, with a break for notices and the raffle. Please do arrive punctually. There are Attendance Sheets for you to tick your name. Please also indicate if you intend to sing in the concert.

Music Scores

Music scores are available for sale (if you’ve ordered beforehand) or on hire from Susannah or Christophe. Please make cheques payable to Chipping Norton Choral Society.

Hire copies should be returned immediately after the concert; if you find you are unable to sing in the concert, please return them to one of the librarians straight away. Any marks on hire copies must be in pencil, and should be erased before returning.

The Raffle

The Raffle recently named Jeryl’s Raffle in memory of Jeryl Simmonds who founded it – takes place each week and raises money for Society funds. Tickets are 20p each. Please remember to bring a prize to add to the box from time to time.

A footnote for if you’re feeling unwell ...

We don’t have any official policy on this, but if you’re a bit under the weather and fear you might pass something on to others in the choir, then have a week practising at home. You won’t be prevented from singing in the concert if you’re ill just for a rehearsal — or even two if you do your homework! The concert conductor’s decision is final if he does not want someone to perform in the concert due to rehearsal absences, though note this has only happened on very rare occasions!