Earlier Start Time for the Feast Rehearsals!

Dear Choir members,

Belshazzar’s Feast and rehearsals up to the concert

Thank you all for your hard work so far this term, I am very pleased with the progress everyone is making. I appreciate your focus and tenacity to get on top of the Feast beast, which is one of the most challenging pieces in the choral repertoire! 

As we get more familiar with the music it is important that we begin to sing through longer sections and get a sense of continuity as it is made up of so many short sections. This week’s sing through was very valuable (and instructive!) and I would like to do that every week from now to the concert. This will also help to highlight for everyone the patches that are less familiar, which will help with practice.

To give us quality time for this I would like to start rehearsals at 7.00, from next week (25th). The purpose being to allow a full session of learning and sorting notes, a break, then a sing through of ever larger sections until we can do it all! I appreciate that not everyone will be able to make the earlier start but I would be grateful if you could make an effort to be there as soon as possible. 

This is NOT a panic measure at all – I am satisfied with progress, but the extra time will be very useful for our confidence. 

I hope you have signed up for the workshop with Robert Dean. It will be a great day as he will not only support our preparation of BF, but will help to develop our vocal skills too.

Thank you all very much.

Kind regards,