What we did on 01.05.19

Welcome back everyone and ‘hello’ new members! A great turn out for the start of the summer term.

I congratulated everyone again on the superb AFRICAN SANCTUS concert and revealed the mystery of the ‘missing’ African music in the Credo! I also shared my visit to David Fanshawe’s archive in Malvern; Jane Fanshawe gave me an excellent tour of his wonderful collection of tapes, pictures and diaries. I saw the actual page from November 1974 signed by Mayinda Owawo, the Hippo Man – the symbol of African Sanctus. It was a pleasing way to round off the whole African Sanctus journey we shared last term.

I briefly introduced William Walton and his music to set the context. It’s worth reading the Wikipedia entry on him, it’s unusually accurate, brief and informative!

I reminded everyone about the challenges ahead to prepare this amazing piece. Please listen to a recording to become familiar with the sound world and what to expect. There are plenty available on Amazon and the choice is really what accompanying pieces you prefer to have in your collection! The online resources are invaluable for personal learning. The best two are Choraline and Cyberbass . Please always look through what we did at the previous rehearsal and just check ahead to see what’s coming. Marking up your score is very helpful (e.g. locating your line when the music divides into multiple parts).

I mentioned the process for dividing everyone into two choirs. These need to be equal in size, so over the next two weeks we will sort this in sectionals. If you are missing a rehearsal, don’t worry, you will be allocated a choir on your return.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SCORES: We are using two editions – The smaller scores (1955) and a the new edition (2007 – the larger copies). The rehearsal figures (numbers in boxes) are in both, but the page numbers differ!! Most annoying but not impossible to manage. The new edition has bar numbers, the smaller scores do not! Each time we look at a new section we will put bar numbers in together – this is quicker and more accurate.

We made a good start on learning Belshazzar’s Feast and rehearsed pages 76-79 (pages 70-74 in the hired, small,┬áscores). For the first bash it was pretty good, well done.

WHAT WE WILL DO ON 08.05.19: Figure 15 which is pages 25-31 (small score 26-31) and revisit last week’s section.

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